World first: Conduct launches PVtube

Conduct Technical Solutions, developer, manufacturer and distributor of PV installation supplies, is launching its newest product, PVtube. With the PVtube it is possible to run solar panel cables airtight and fireproof through the roof of a house, stable or commercial building. With this solution, Conduct offers a world first.

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Roof penetration and the increasingly stringent standards

Due to the increasing need for safe solar panel installations and the BENG standard applicable since January 1, 2021, the obligation to carry DC cables through the building envelope separately and airtight is a fact. Conduct is introducing the PVtube to carry the cables coming from the roof separately and airtight in accordance with the NPR5310.

How does it work?

PVtube meets these increasingly stringent guidelines by means of two sealed – pipe-linked – penetration hoods. These hoods close off against the roof boarding by means of rubber rings. This complies with the air tightness along the pipes. The use of cable glands provides air-tightness through the pipes. These pipes are placed at a center distance of 10 cm as standard in accordance with NPR 5310.

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Simple installation

For simplification for the installer, the PVtube can be installed in two ways. By using the supplied center distance sticker you can choose to drill two separate 32mm holes. Alternatively, one can choose to drill a 152mm hole after which the PVtube can be installed with lightning speed in combination with the RockWool insulation cylinder supplied as an option by Conduct. PVtube is available from national PV wholesalers.

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