Video’s PVSTOP

PVStop – Fire Retardant Solution for Solar Panels

PVStop is a fire retardant solution that acts as a liquid blanket to make solar panels safe. In the event of a short circuit or emergency (such as a fire or flood), the solar panels continue to produce potentially lethal amounts of DC voltage.

How it works? Watch this video.

PVStop demonstration

A common question we get asked is how many solar panels can a 9-liter tank cover? In this demonstration, we show how a 9 liter container can make a typical household PV-installation safe in seconds.

Arcing & water conductivity

A common misconception is that solar panels will stop working if they are damaged or broken. In this video, we debunk this misconception and also show how water applied to a damaged solar panel system can dramatically increase the risk of electrocution. Please note that whether wet or dry, damaged solar panels can pose unexpected risks.