Safety for firefighters

Keep DC infrastructure out!

One of the first things firefighters do before entering a burning building is to turn off electrical systems. In order to create the safest possible work situation. But did you know that despite this important action, voltage is often left on the DC infrastructure due to the light on PV panels? Says Sunny Smit, our account manager and fireman.

Preventing life-threatening situations

Entering a burning building is already dangerous enough. So it is very important that there are no additional hazards present. Such as electrically powered machinery and/or cabling. Because of the smoke it is difficult to see these things, so electrocution or entrapment are lurking. Electrical installations and other utilities are therefore always disconnected. The fire fighters then assume that there is little or no danger of electrocution…

Help the firefighters

However, on the DC infrastructure there often remains voltage due to light falling on the solar panels. This hinders the fire department in the continuity of their approach. To support the fire department in this, it is advisable to have a clear picture of the indoor DC infrastructure, to keep the DC infrastructure outside the building and to apply fire department switches (especially in case of indoor DC cabling). This can be done with FireRaptor and FireSwitch.


This allows firefighters to get the job done (safely!). Safety above all with FireRaptor and FireSwitch!