Solar Safe Commercial

Prevent fire risk from solar panels on the roof

The prevention of fire risk on roofs is becoming increasingly important. Partly due to the professionalization of the solar panel industry in the residential and commercial market, installations are being improved in quality. Products are also being developed and applied that contribute to the prevention of risk.

Solar Safe Commercial conceptConduct_impressie_01_v07_web

Conduct offers cable management from RoofSupport from its Solar Safe Commercial (SSC) concept, allowing the entire infrastructure to be properly installed. By using the FireWrap in combination with the FireWall Bracket, it is possible to safely route the infrastructure over compartmentation walls.

Fighting fires safely

The inverters are hung outside in PV shelters to prevent risk in the building. Issues such as dust accumulation, ventilation and risk of high power DC through the building envelope are history. By using the PV box, the installation is protected against lightning and overvoltage and the FireSwitch switches off the solar installation in case of an unexpected fire so that the fire department can safely fight the fire.


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