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With RoofSupport cable trays, you can install cabling in a neat and tidy way. Quickly selected by one article number for a complete set, quickly installed: you do not need any tools to mount the UV-resistant CLICK roof supports: click and go!


Proven technology: 10 years storm damage free!

As the inventors of wire tray applications on flat roofs, we have more than proven the technology from Conduct, because of the complete absence of storm damage! Due to the heavy roof support, clients of Conduct have trusted RoofSupport to be storm proof for over 10 years.


NEN1010:2020 : 522 Choice and installation of piping systems depending on external influences

The installation method must be chosen in such a way that protection against expected external influences is guaranteed in all applicable parts of the piping system. It is important to pay extra attention to changes of direction an

d to places where the cabling enters the panels.

As stipulated in NEN1010, cabling must be laid in a tube or gutter. The cable duct is preferred because (in accordance with NEN1010:2020 522.3.2) possible condensation in the duct must be able to drain away.

We also have the solution for cable management on sloping roofs, field layouts and trapezoidal roofs. With the right size cable tray and the right coupling plate or wall bracket, it is very easy to guide the cables neatly and safely in any situation.


RoofSupport cable tray block

The RoofSupport cable tray block support offers the possibility to quickly install the cable tray system on a roof. Thanks to its weight, it does not need to be fixed to the surface.

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Information RoofSupport cable tray EZ1000_ENG (pdf)