RoofSupport Step-Over

Why RoofSupport Step-Over?

  • Contributes to the safe maintenance and inspection of solar panel installations
  • Mandatory according to the health and safety guidelines and NEN1010
  • Supplied assembled; easy to use
  • Can also be used over wide cable management systems
  • Anti-slip; safe to use in all weather conditions
  • Hot-dip galvanised
  • Rubber roof supports for protection of roof structure; applicable to any type of roof



RoofSupport Step-Over is 80cm wide and 100cm or 120cm long, this ensures that it can also be used over our widest cable tray variant (600mm) and that it complies with health and safety standards. The RoofSupport Step-Over is delivered assembled, making it quick and easy to install. It is also possible to order RoofSupport Step-Over in a different size, please contact one of our employees.


Available models

RoofSupport Step-Over

Artno RSSO80100

Measurements: 80 x 100cm



RoofSupport Step-Over

Artno RSSO80120

Measurements 80 x 120cm



Please view the flyer of RoofSupport Step-Over here

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