RoofSupport HOME

With RoofSupport HOME, fire safety in PV cabling is guaranteed!

For fire safety reasons in solar panel installations, it is very important to install cabling in a cable tray. This avoids the risk of possible arcing carry-over due to cables being installed in tubes. The corrosion-resistant RoofSupport HOME cable tray, in combination with the UV-resistant roof supports from the RoofSupport product range, offers a solution.

Ease of installationRoofSupport HOME set

RoofSupport HOME is available in lengths of 3 meters based on the subtle dimensions of 30x35mm. Because of the CLICK connection on the RSC roof supports, the system can be installed without tools and therefore provides the highest possible ease of installation.


RoofSupport HOME is, by using cable tray, the right alternative for the use of a pipe. In the NEN1010:2020 (section 522.3.2) it is indicated that it is necessary to drain condensation water from a pipe. Fire safety is also guaranteed by not introducing plus and minus pipes into the pipe together, this prevents any insulation faults. The highest achievable fire safety in combination with the extremely fast installation makes RoofSupport HOME the ideal way to lay cables in private PV installations.

RoofSupport HOME is available per set of 3 meters, in combination with 2 roof supports. The article number of this set is: RSH3035-3M.