RoofSupport FireWrap

Currently, FireWrap is available from stock in the following size:

RoofSupport FireWrap (FW4042)

Article number: FW4042




Because insurance companies have different requirements with regard to the length of the RoofSupport FireWrap, it is possible to have it made to any desired length (on request). This way it is suitable for every situation.

RoofSupport Brandwandbeugel and the RoofSupport FireWrap are available separately.


Recommended filling degree

The moment a solar panel installation is switched on, the solar cables can become hot. Therefore, our advice is to pass a maximum of 30 cables of 6mm² per FireWrap.


Test Reports

Because we want to be sure that our products meet the requirements for fire safety, RoofSupport FireWrap has also been tested and approved by Peutz. They have their own laboratory for fire safety, advanced measuring facilities and calculation programs. They are able to test a design according to the applicable Dutch NEN standards. To keep abreast of new developments, Peutz is a member of various NEN standards committees. They are also rapporteurs for various standards.

View the test reports here:


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