RoofSupport CLICK

The fastest assembly time in cable tray systems! 

RoofSupport CLICK offers the fastest installation from the cable tray to the RS roofblocks and due to the integrated clamps between the cable trays. No tools are required.

RoofSupport CLICK is zinc plated based on zinc plus in accordance with Table 9 from IEC61537. With this technical innovation, the product gets more than 1.340 hours of resistance against the corrossion at a salt spray chamber, it means that this new product works with a theorical values of resistence a 25% higher than the Class 8 of the market according to UNE EN ISO 1461.

Thanks to the click connection of the cable tray, equipotential bonding up to 100 linear meters is guaranteed. RoofSupport CLICK is available in widths from 60 mm to 300 mm and in sets from 12 to 24 meters based on one item number.

Why RoofSupport Click
  • Super fast assembly
  • No tools required
  • Protection against corrosion (C8+)
  • Coupling piece already mounted on the cable tray, fewer loose parts
  • Equipotential bonding of up to 100 linear meters guaranteed
  • Complete sets available under one item number


RS CLICK is available at nationwide electrical and PV wholesalers.


RoofSupport CableRouting corner rollers

RoofSupport Hoekroller

CableRouting corner rollers are used to easily guide the solar cables through the RoofSupport cable duct. These corner rollers are easily removed after installation of the wire tray system and can be used again.

The corner rollers prevent damage to the solar cables (due to cutting) but also add extra cable length to compensate for shrinkage and expansion of the cabling. The corner roller can be ordered with article number: RS.HR092021.

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