Firewall Bracket

There is a need from the market to create a safe transition for solar cables over compartmentation walls. These walls protrude half to a full metre above the roof surface, making it easy to hang the firewall bracket over them; simply and without mechanical fixation, to prevent damage to the firewall.

Why a Firewall Bracket with corresponding FireWrap?

  • Protection of the PVC roof layer without mechanical fixationthe the Firewall Bracket is hung over the compartmentation walls.Brandwandbeugel over brandwand
  • Ease of installation the Firewall Bracket is delivered project specific and can easily be installed in the right place.
  • Hot-dip galvanised according to NEN-EN_ISO1461.
  • Seamless connection between the Firewall Bracket and our RoofSupport cable duct; the ideal combination!
  • Combine with FireWrap the insulation cover delays the fire spread from compartment to compartment (minimum 60 minutes according to ISO 834).
  • Simple FireWrap is easily and securely attached using three tensioning straps.

It is possible to deliver the Firewall Bracket project specific, please contact us.



Click on the video below for more information about the Firewall bracket and Firewrap: