Q&A RoofSupport FireWrap

  • In what sizes is the FireWrap available?

The standard size is 400 x 420mm with a material thickness of +/- 19mm (item number: FW4042).  Insurers have different requirements regarding the length of the FireWrap, so it is possible to have it made to any desired length.

  • How many cables can go into one FireWrap at a time?

It is recommended that a maximum of 30 solar cables of 6mm² are placed in one FireWrap, because of the heat management. (In accordance with EN50618)

  • Is it necessary to keep the plus and minus cables separate or can they go together in one FireWrap?

Yes, these should always be kept separate. This also applies to solar cable in a wire tray.

  • Every how many years should the FireWrap be replaced?

The insulation material on the inside has high thermal and fire resistance. The outside is resistant to high temperatures, resistant to UV light and water repellent due to a thin silicone protective layer. This combination makes the RoofSupport FireWrap a durable solution, with a minimum lifespan of 25 years. This is also the average lifetime of a solar panel installation.

  • What is the fire retardant rating of the FireWrap?

RoofSupport FireWrap is 60 minutes fire retardant at 950°C . This can be extended to 240 minutes. (In accordance with NEN 6069, WBDBO)

  • How is this fire retardant rating determined?

It is intended that the solar cable running across the roof will not adversely affect the fire retardant function of the compartmentation walls present in the building. These compartment walls are, according to the WBDBO standard, 60 minutes fire retardant at 950°C. The standard FireWrap therefore has the same properties, calculated according to the NEN6069. The fire retardancy is included in the building code and the FireWrap therefore complies with it.

  • I see that there are steel tensioners on the FireWrap. Will these not rust?

No, the tensioners are stainless steel and will last at least 25 years.

  • Can the FireWrap only be used in conjunction with RoofSupport Fire Wall Bracket?

No, RoofSupport FireWrap is available separately and is also very suitable to apply for the entrance of the cable management in the building.

  • Will the FireWrap melt if a fire breaks out?

No, RoofSupport FireWrap does not melt or drip when it comes in contact with fire. Only if the temperature exceeds 1185°C for more than 240 minutes will it eventually burn up.

  • Are toxic substances or smoke released in case of fire?

No, RoofSupport FireWrap is designed to not release toxins or smoke and if it comes into contact with fire.


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