When installing solar panels on the roofs of agricultural buildings, the DC installation, among other things, can cause danger. It is therefore important to keep the (additional) AC low-voltage distributor and inverter outside and at a sufficient distance from the stables. In accordance with the NPR5310.5.5.3, it is necessary to ensure that the fire resistance of the building is not negatively affected by the installation. PVcontainer offers the solution!

Why PVcontainer

By deploying this outdoor placed and directly connected to the transformer Low Voltage Distribution & Inverter Outdoor Cabinet, several safety aspects are achieved:


Detail bottom plate section B

  • The DC circuit is kept outside the barn, so as a result of any arc development between the PLUS and MIN lines, no fire can occur inside the barn.
  • Because leakage/differential currents occur in stables, due to moisture and dust, the necessary deployment of a 300mA ALS in an outdoor LS distributor based on proper circuit impedance is not necessary.
  • The AC line is not led back in.
  • Prevention of unnecessary transmission of viruses by preventing installers and inspectors from entering the stables.
  • Preventing dust and heat development at the inverters.
  • Improved fire safety because the DC infrastructure based on RoofSupport wire gutter, is placed entirely on the roof and therefore kept outside the stables.
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and inspection purposes.

Guidelines and standards

In accordance with the NPR5310.5.5.3 a PV installation may not have a negative influence on fire safety, whereby the NEN1010 describes that the low-voltage equipment must be easily and safely accessible for inspection and maintenance, for example. By placing the PV container at least 10 meters away from a barn, it is at a safe distance and the installation and the building (containing animals, for example) are safe at the time of an emergency.

  • In accordance with Dutch Practice Guideline (NPR) 5310.5.5.3

    PVcontainer A en B

    Composition section A and section B

  • In accordance with legislation NEN1010
  • In accordance with IK10 classification


  • Agri projects
  • Field Setups
  • Floating projects
  • Projects with space constraints or insurance requirements

Technical Data

PVcontainer is modular and in this way it is suitable in any situation. The partition wall separates the AC and DC sides.

PVcontainer A (1772x1772) (1)Section A

  • Dimensions (extern): 192cm (h) x 96cm (b) x 100cm (d)
  • Weight: 163KG



PVcontainer_BSection B

  • Dimensions (extern): 192cm (h) x 74cm (b) x 100cm (d)
  • Weight: 105KG



PVcontainer_ASection C

  • Dimensions (extern): 192cm (h) x 96cm (b) x 100cm (d)
  • Weight: 160KG



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