Why PVBOXshelter?

  • Mounting frame equipped with a roof for protection of PVbox
  • PVbox positioning directly above RoofSupport wire tray system
  • Pre-assembled blind rivet nuts for direct mounting 2 types of PVbox enclosures
  • Usable as AC switchbox but also as DC combinerbox combination
  • Roof supports for installation without roof anchoring
  • Ready to install product: delivered complete


The extremely low substructure of the PVBOXshelter allows it to be slid directly under the RoofSupport wire tray system. As a result, the PVBOXshelter is positioned against the side and the housing to be installed directly above the wire tray system is easily accessible, without having to reroute cabling.


Please note that the maximum carrying weight of PVBOXshelter is up to 8KG.


Available models:


PVBOXshelter (without switch-disconnector)

Dimensions: 57cm (l) x 41cm (b) x 82cm (h)

Nett Weight: 29KG

Download STEP-file


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