Commercial buildings are increasingly equipped with solar panels. To monitor the yield, the inverter is connected to the Internet using a LAN cable. Because the data cable goes to the server room, a danger arises when a direct or indirect lightning strike occurs. PVbox DATA dissipates the overvoltage via the ground cable and thus prevents the overvoltage from reaching the server room and causing a lot of misery.

Why PVBOX Data

  • In accordance with NEN1010:2020
  • Plug and play
  • Assurance of business continuity
  • Fireproof


Securing the ICT infrastructure against overvoltages is covered by NEN1010:2020 section 712.534.1. It states that all power and signal cables fall within the scope. This means that at the moment when there is not enough distance between the PV installation and the Lightning Protection System (LPS), the installation must be connected to the LPS via potential equalization (according to NEN-EN-IEC 62305). Because the data cables are also in contact with the LPS, these must also be equipped with overvoltage protection.


By combining PVbox and PVbox DATA, the infrastructure is fully protected against overvoltage.