Rapid shutdown button for the FRS-02 - FireRaptor

Rapid shutdown button for the FRS-02


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Fireraptor Rapid Shutdown button for the FRS-02

In the event of a fire or other emergency, the FireRaptor can be activated in three different ways to quickly shut down the solar panel. Each FireRaptor operates two solar panels and is placed behind the panels and attached to the panel mounting frame. The FireRaptor has an output of 700W, making it suitable for most types of solar panels currently available on the market.

Manual shutdown to 0V within 1 second
Automatic shutdown to 0V when AC power is switched off
Automatic shutdown to 0V at temperature >85 °C
Compatible with ALL string inverters
Alarm signals via digital communication
Complies with NEC 2017 and NEC 2014
Suitable for both new and existing installations
Manual switch-off