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PVtube consists of 2 conduit caps fitted with glands, 2 tubes and 2 base plates with a sealing ring.

  • Contributes to achieving energy performance indication BENG 1
  • Prevents damage to the cables due to mechanical load
  • Contributes to fire safety through separate lead-through in accordance with NPR5310
  • Prevents thermal bridges through double insulation
  • Available as one basic set
PVtube size 435mm (including cover)
Cover size 176mm (ø ) x 42mm (h)
Pipe size 32 mm(ø) 350mm (l)
Material ASA, HPDE 80% recycled, halogen-free
Colour Black
Suited for Sloping roofs
Suitable conductor cross-sections 4mm² 6mm²
Number of glands supplied 6 x 6 mm² glands
Land of origin the Netherlands
HS-code 39259020

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