PVshelter SingleShelter Wall/Floor inverter frame - PVshelter

PVshelter SingleShelter Wall/Floor inverter frame



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With the PVshelter SingleShelter wall/floor, you can safely place the inverter outside. This keeps dangerous DC voltage outside which ensures that your solar panel installation is Scope 12 prepared and meets safety requirements. PVshelter is a basic set consisting of a base frame, mounting frame and roof.

  • Fire-safe installation
  • Makes cable infrastructure easier
  • Maximum ventilation possibilities
  • Space-saving

Note: the wall/floor PVshelter should be installed against a wall/façade.

Width 1080mm
Depth 650mm
Height 1440mm
Weight PVshelter 68kg
Including ballast 119kg
Assembly Fully assembled.
Material Steel
Land of origin the Netherlands
HS-code 83024100