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FlatRoof adapter for PVtube



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FlatRoof adapter for PVtube: the solution for the throughput of cabling on flat roofs!

The adapter has been specially developed for installing PVtube on flat roofs in accordance with the NPR5310. PVtube is the solution for air and watertight throughput of cabling on your roof.

The aluminium FlatRoof adapter has a 500 mm diameter and is simply mounted on the PVtube. The roofer then places the PVtube with adapter with the outer edge under the bitumen or PVC layer and then attaches the extra layer of roofing material to the existing substrate. By using the adapter, the airtight and watertight properties of the PVtube are preserved, and it ensures a neat and fast finish. The FlatRoof adapter has been developed for use in combination with the PVtube. These run seamlessly into each other, creating a draining effect.

Diameter 500mm
Material Aluminum

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