Flat roof setups

On more and more utility buildings, PV installations are placed to provide (part of) their own energy supply. These are often flat roofs, which are ideal in this situation.

According to NEN1010:2020 cabling should be laid in tube or cable tray. The cable tray is preferable, as possible condensation in the tube must be able to drain away (in accordance with NEN1010:2020 522.3.2).

This is where Roofsupport comes in. RoofSupport is a cable management system constructed from:

  • Wire mesh cable tray
  • Couplers for the cable tray
  • Roof Supports

This combination makes it possible to have the entire cable management system on a roof covered by one product code.

The cable trays are available in various sizes, ranging from 65×60 to 65x600mm in various designs, such as: hot-dip galvanized, Stainless Steel 304 and EZ1000. This means that there is a suitable solution for every situation.

RoofSupport has become the cable management system for the larger “A” installers. Not only because of the extensive package and the high availability, but also because of the underlying service, help and willingness of our organization.

In addition to cable management, it is of course also important to provide the installation with overvoltage protection. Conduct also takes care of this down to the last detail. Whether you need the protection directly at the installation or through combiner boxes to a distributor located further away. The solution can be found at Conduct. Click on this link to find out more.

If you would like more information about setups on flat roofs, please contact our enthusiastic staff on 0+31 180-531120.

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