New! RoofSupport Firewall bracket with FireWrap

With the launch of the RoofSupport firewall bracket Conduct Technical Solutions offers a technical solution for the easily transfer DC cables across fire compartments. The accompanying Fire Wrap, a fire resistant cover that wraps around the cabling, provides 60 minutes of resistance to fire penetration in the cables across the fire wall.

With the RoofSupport Fire Wall Bracket, Conduct has responded to the market’s need to create a safe transition for solar cables across fire compartments. Fire walls protrude quite a bit above the roof surface, making it easy to hang the Fire Wall Bracket over them. This addition to Conduct’s existing cable management system fits in seamlessly with the requirements of the Dutch Buildings Decree.

Protection PVC roofing layer

The installation of RoofSupport Firewall Brackets is simple and without mechanical fixation so as not to damage the firewall. Because the PVC layer must remain protected, the firewall bracket has rubber inner rings and is made to measure, taking the reason for class fire protection as a guideline. As installers of Conduct are accustomed to As installers are accustomed to, the firewall bracket is hot-dip galvanized.

Valuable addition

Thanks to the corresponding RoofSupport FireWrap, the solar cables are also protected against fire. This fire resistant cover is wrapped around the cables and firmly secured with three straps. Fire Wrap has a fire resistance of 60 minutes, according to ISO 834!