Cable ties

RoofSupport stainless steel cable ties

In order to install your PV-installation professionally and safely, RoofSupport offers stainless steel cable ties. By using this cable ties, the solar cables can be easily and quickly joined together in a cable tray and the cables are securely tied the can’t be shift of damaged by the weather conditions.

Normal cable ties only offer up to 5 years of UV resistance and after that period they will discolor and lose their strength. Because of this, there is a possibility it will break. However, this is not the case with stainless steel cable ties from RoofSupport.

RoofSupport stainless steel cable ties are available in plain stainless steel or stainless steel with a black polyester coating.

Art005725 Cable ties 200×4,6mm stainless steel RVS304
Art005726 Cable ties 290×4,6mm stainless steel RVS304
Art005850 Cable ties 360×4,6mm stainless steel RVS304
Art005922 Cable ties 125×4,6mm stainless steel RVS304

Art006155 Cable ties 125×4,6mm coated black
Art006158 Cable ties 200×4,6mm coated black
Art006226 Cable ties 290×4,6mm coated black
Art006289 Cable ties 360×4,6mm coated black

The stainless steel version will always look good and is resistant to temperatures from -80 °C to +538 °C. The black polyester version is protected against discoloration for 20 years and is resistant to temperatures from -40 °C to +150 °C.

Both versions do not lose strength, are rounded on the ends and comply with UL standards.

The cable ties are available as standard int the dimensions 125mm, 200mm, 290mm and 360mm. The standard width is 4,6mm.

Other sizes are available on request.