The ultimate solar panel rapid shutdown solution!

FireRaptor is a unique safety product for solar panels, which can be activated in three different ways in case of fire or other emergency to quickly shut down the solar system. Each FireRaptor controls two solar panels and is placed behind the panels and attached to the mounting frame of the panel. The FireRaptor has a power output of 700W and is therefore suitable for most types of solar panels currently available on the market.

Why FireRaptor

  • Manual Shutdown to 0 Volt within 1 second
  • Automatic Shutdown to 0 Volt on AC Supply Cut-Off
  • Automatic Shutdown to 0 Volt at >85°C (185°F) Temperature
  • Compatible with ALL String Inverters
  • Hardwire or Mobile Communication Alarm Signalling
  • Compliant with NEC 2017 & NEC 2014
  • Suitable for New Installations or Retro-Fit

Manual Shutdown

FireRaptors are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors and the signal cable is then routed to the emergency switch, which can be placed anywhere inside or outside the building. As soon as the emergency switch is activated, the FireRaptor “shuts down” the solar panels. In a larger multi-story building, a number of emergency switch units can be placed in multiple zones around the building, or on different floors as required.

Automatic shutdown

FireRaptor is not only operated manually, but also offers two different types of automation shutdown.

  • Automatic emergency temperature shutdown, where the temperature monitor on board the FireRaptor automatically shuts down the panels if the temperature underneath the panels exceeds 85°C.
  • Automatic Emergency Power Loss Shutdown, disconnection of the external AC supply, by whatever means, causes automatic remote operation of the Emergency Rapid Shutdown Switch and solar panel shutdown.

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