Why FireRaptor?

  • Manual shutdown to 0V within 1 second
  • Automatic shutdown to 0V when AC power is switched off
  • Automatic shutdown to 0V at temperature >85 °C
  • Compatible with ALL string inverters
  • Alarm signals via digital communication
  • Complies with NEC 2017 and NEC 2014
  • Suitable for both new and existing installations
  • Manual switch-off

Manual Switch off

FireRaptors are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors. The signal cable is then routed to the emergency switch, which can be located anywhere inside or outside the building. As soon as the emergency switch is activated, the FireRaptor ‘switches off’ the solar panels. In a larger multi-storey building, a number of emergency switch units can be placed in several zones around the building, or on different floors as required.

FireRaptor has been tested by TÜVRheinland, view the test report here.

Automatic Switch off

The FireRaptor is not only manually operated, but also offers two different types of automatic shutdown:

  • Automatic Emergency Temperature Shutdown, where the temperature monitor on board the FireRaptor automatically shuts down the panels when the temperature under the panels exceeds 85°C. (And automatically turns the panels back on when the temperature below the panels cools and is below 85°C again.)
    Automatic Emergency Power Loss Shutdown, where the FireRaptor automatically shuts down the panels when the mains power is lost from the emergency switch. This is of great importance to the fire service, where disconnection of mains power in the building is standard practice.

The illustration below shows the use of FireRaptor in a standard installation.

The emergency switch has a built-in power supply and is available in both standard emergency operation and key operation, and now has an optional fire monitoring and integration function that can provide both alarm signals and mobile communication alarm signals.

Approvals and Warranty

Because the function is completely independent, FireRaptor is compatible with any string inverter and complies with US NEC2017, and has also obtained cULus and FCC certification. In addition, FireRaptor comes with the unique 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.