Conduct launches Step-over

With Step-Over Conduct Technical Solutions introduces
the solution for safely stepping over the existing wiring in a solar panel installation. RoofSupport Step-Over creates a safe and easy walkway on the roof for installers, inspectors and others.

Conduct has addressed the existing safety standards: in accordance with NEN1010, the equipment for a solar panel installation must be selected and installed in such a way that safe maintenance possible. It is also mandatory from an occupational health and safety perspective to be able to carry out safe maintenance and inspections. The Step-over seamlessly responds to this requirement because
inspectors and installers can safely and effortlessly go over the cable management and the associated hazardous AC and DC voltages. Step-over is an indispensable addition to our cable management system, RoofSupport.

Added value for the installer

Unburdening installers is of paramount importance to us, whether during or after installation. The Step-over is 80 centimeters wide and 100 centimeters long and is delivered assembled. A practical choice so that it can be easily be placed over our widest wire gutter variant (and it complies with Health and Safety specifications). Of course the Step-over is anti-slip so that the weather conditions have no influence on this product. This product offers extra safety and convenience for installers and inspectors!