Conduct launches SolarSafe HOME, fire safety for residential properties

Barendrecht, November 16, 2021 – Last Friday, Conduct Technical Solutions, developer, manufacturer and distributor of fire safety products for PV installations, presented its SolarSafe HOME concept at the House & Energy exhibition in Vijfhuizen. A complete product line that contributes to the fire safety of solar panels on the roof of a residential home.

Just recently, the Institute of Physical Safety (IFV) reported that, due to the explosive growth in the number of solar panels on residential properties, fire departments are increasingly confronted with fires and risks in the residential environment. In several cases, the installation work was the cause of the fires.

Fire safety solar panels home
Conduct’s SolarSafe HOME program consists of innovative solutions that realize optimal fire safety with regard to solar panel installations for private homes in accordance with the latest guidelines and standards. SolarSafe HOME products enable the installer to install solar panels in the safest and most appropriate way.

SolarSafe HOME Product Range

  • RoofSupport HOME – wire tray and roof supports
  • PVtube – safe and airtight roof penetration
  • PVbox – overvoltage protection in accordance with the current standard
  • FireRaptor – fireman switch
  • Connectors, cable and tiewraps

With SolarSafe HOME products, a residential home is as well protected as possible against the dangers of fire! The products are available at the nationwide PV-wholesale.

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