Conduct launches RoofSupport GelConnect

BARENDRECHT – Conduct launches RoofSupport GelConnect: with RoofSupport GelConnect, Conduct Technical Solutions offers the solution to efficiently repair damaged solar cables. The connector easily and quickly replaces only the damaged section, instead of the entire cable: a fast and sustainable solution!

Lifespan similar to that of the cable
The construction consists of a screw connector, a housing filled with a gel layer and two tiewraps. The gel coating creates a watertight seal (IP68) and the UV-resistant properties of the housing mean that it has a service life of at least 30 years, which is the same as that of the cable itself.


In case of damage to solar cables, the best solution is always to replace the cable entirety. Is this not possible? Then just remove the damaged section of the cable and reconnect the two ends using the GelConnect. Place the ends of the cable in the screw connector, tighten the screws and simply snap the GelConnect housing onto it. The included tiewraps provide an additional lock on both sides of the housing, ensuring a secure fixation

The RoofSupport GelConnect can be used for cables of 6mm² to 50mm² and can be ordered by piece with article number GC650 through nationwide electrical wholesalers.


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