Conduct introduces the new PVStop

To protect firefighters and homeowners, Conduct Technical Solutions introduces: PVStop!

During the Solar Solutions International trade show in Vijfhuizen, Conduct Technical Solutions is proud to introduce the only product available that makes solar panels safe for firefighters and homeowners in hazardous situations. PVStop isolates power produced by solar panels in all weather conditions. It eliminates the risk of high-voltage DC electrocution by spraying a liquid cover on the solar panels. This shuts down the solar panel system within seconds.

Did you know that solar panels cannot be turned off if exposed to light? In the event of an emergency such as a fire, flood or storm damage, solar panels continue to produce deadly amounts of DC voltage. This poses a great danger to professional responders such as firefighters and anyone who owns a solar panel or is exposed to it. PVStop is currently the only solution on the world market that completely neutralizes the generated energy in all weather conditions in a quick and easy way.

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