Conduct introduces PVbox Impulse Check

Due to the increasing demand for lightning current monitoring
and lightning current tested string boxes in PV installations, introduces Conduct Technical Solutions PVbox Impulse Check. With PVbox ImpulseCheck you prevent unnecessary failure of your solar panel installation as a result of a lightning discharge.

Alert notification on smartphone

If the solar panels have to endure an excessive current load, the diodes fail or even burn out. With PVbox ImpulseCheck, on the basis of real-time monitoring of lightning surge currents and voltage pulses in or adjacent to the solar panel installation are detected and communicated. In this way, the plant managers an alert on their smartphone and are able to carry out preventive maintenance immediately.

Preventive maintenance

”In the event of unexpected damage and/or failure of the surge protector, ImpulseCheck offers the option of replacing the SPDs’ removable plug-in modules in a scheduled maintenance. The removable plug-in modules of the surge protector
the overvoltage protection device, the measurement of insulation resistance in a DC circuit is based on Scope 12 (NEN-EN-IEC62446-1) inspection is simplified. As always we think of the installer, also with PVbox’, says Pieter Kremer.