Conduct introduces FireRaptor

Prevent fire from arcing behind solar panels. With IMO’s FireRaptor, Conduct Technical Solutions introduces the solution for fast shutdown of solar panels in case of fire or other emergency situations. The proven FireRaptor shuts down the dangerous DC voltage at the source in the event of arcing, providing maximum safety for firefighters or PV inspectors.

Switching off in three ways

The IMO FireRaptor disconnects the entire PV system at the source. By pressing the remotely located emergency push button, for example at the main entrance, or when the external AC power supply is interrupted, the entire DC circuit switches off at the source. As an additional safety feature in the case of installation-critical environments, such as residential rooftop systems, the FireRaptor automatically shuts down the PV plant if the built-in sensor detects a temperature rise above 85°C.

Necessary for PV installations 

In the event of a fire in buildings with PV systems present, the solar panels continue to produce energy as long as daylight is present. IMO FireRaptors are connected in series using plug-and-play connectors, with the signal cable then routed to the emergency switch, which can be located anywhere inside or outside the building. Once the emergency switch is activated, the FireRaptor “shuts down” the solar panels by isolating all DC wiring in the building to the back of the PV panels.

Easy to use

FireRaptor is equipped with original Stäubli MC4 connectors, ensuring optimal compatibility with PVbox, among others. FireRaptor is easy to install, is suitable for both new and existing installations and is compatible with all string inverters.

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