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Conduct: ‘Challenging market conditions should not be at the expense of fire safety and quality’

‘With rising prices comes increasing pressure on the business cases for solar energy systems,’ says Erik Brink of E2-Energie. ‘That must not lead to compromising on quality and safety.’

“And therefore the insurability of projects. It is therefore of great importance to involve insurers from the very first moment in developments in order to make the right choices together. We often make grateful use of Conduct’s products and knowledge.’

Conduct started in 2005 as a specialist in lightning and surge protection. Owner Pieter Kremer saw the solar energy market emerge, and with it a growing need for fire safety products for PV systems combined with ease of installation. He developed RoofSupport, a wire tray system with high corrosion resistance. Thanks to the click connection, not only is assembly possible in a few seconds, but potential equalization of up to 100 meters is also guaranteed. After this first product, many more would follow. Conduct has since grown to become the leader in the niche market for fire protection of solar panel installations.


Big, bigger, biggest

One of Conduct’s customers is E2-Energie, which began a decade ago as an installer of solar panels for residential customers. 5 years later the company stepped into the business pv market. Anno 2021 it is one of the most renowned Dutch engineering, procurement and construction (epc) companies. Big, bigger, biggest is not the motto, however, underlines managing director Erik Brink. ‘Our total installed capacity is now about 40 megawatt peak. We do not aim for bulk. The focus is on projects up to 20,000 solar panels; large roofs and small fields, in other words. We do the entire process, from design to installation, monitoring and maintenance. Quality and safety are central to all of that, and that will always be our starting point.’



Not surprisingly, Brink sees the quality discussion about PV that was instigated by the Dutch insurers and resulted in the Scope12 inspection method as a good thing. At the same time, he sees the delivery of high-quality PV installations at the right price as an ever greater challenge in the solar energy market. The basic amounts of the SDE++ subsidy scheme are falling, the prices for solar panels are rising. The result is increasing pressure on business cases.

Now you notice relatively little of this in the rollout of solar energy,’ says Brink. However, more and more projects will be postponed or even cancelled due to these developments. The question of how you can offer the required level of quality and safety under these market conditions is therefore becoming increasingly important. Our answer is to involve insurers in developments from the very beginning. We organize a collaborative process during the design and realization, in which we make the choices regarding many safety aspects that guarantee insurability. In doing so, we often make grateful use of Conduct’s products and knowledge.

Photo: Koen Mol


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