Fire has a devastating effect. In many cases the fire department is fortunately in time to prevent total destruction. If the source is located, the fire department does everything in its power to reach it. If it is in an enclosed area, the fire department will break through to the fire source using appropriate breaking equipment. But what if there are dangerous DC cables in the building? People do not know where these DC cables are located when solar panels are present. The Dutch Institute for Physical Safety has advised the Fire Brigade of the Netherlands not to break during a fire.


PVbox Fireswitch

With the PVbox FireSwitch you can switch up to 5 strings in one action from the switch box at the entrance of the building. With the possible addition of PVbox Distribution Box, multiple strings can be switched. By adding overvoltage protection to PVbox Fireswitch, you have the total solution!

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The FireRaptor is a unique solar panel safety product that provides three forms of rapid shutdown of the solar panel in case of fire or other emergency. The FireRaptor provides fully independent functionality, allowing it to be retrofitted to new PV installations or adapted to existing installations and meets the current requirements of NEC2017 and is cULus and FCC approved.

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Santon Domestic Firefighter Switch

Conduct offers the ideal solution for safe shutdown of the DC circuit with the Santon Domestic Firefighter Switch (DFS). As soon as the AC voltage is switched off, the DFS will detect this. If this power interruption lasts longer than 5 seconds, the DFS will automatically switch to the OFF position. The DC voltage of the PV panels will be switched off completely, creating a safe situation.

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