Grounding of solar panel installations

What is grounding?

There is still a lot of discussion in the market about grounding PV plants. But what exactly is grounding? Grounding means connecting them to the earth through an extra cable, so that if there is an overload, the excess electricity goes safely into the ground. In addition, it protects your solar panels, because then they cannot malfunction or catch fire due to the sudden increase in power.

NEN 1010, the most important standard for electrical installations in buildings

NEN 1010 indicates how low-voltage installations are safely constructed, expanded and modified. In addition, the standard provides clarity on checks and inspections upon completion of projects. This applies to homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Different methods have to be taken into account:

  • 411.3.1.1 Safety grounding
  • 411.3.1.2 Protective grounding
  • 712.542.5 Potential equalization of metal frames in a PV system
  • 712.542.7 Functional equalization conductor
  • 514.3.1.2 Protective conductor
  • 514.3.8 Omission of designations


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