5 reasons to choose PVbox

The demand for surge protection in solar panel installations is increasing. This is not without reason! It is of great importance to deliver a solar panel installation that meets the highest achievable safety requirements.  PVbox plays a crucial role in this and  a solar panel installation can no longer be delivered without.

1. Correct overvoltage protection is crucial

To prevent fire, it is important to install the correct type of surge protection. If there is no lightning protection system in place, a Type 2 SPD (Surge Protection Device) will suffice. But beware: in the event of a direct hit on the PV installation, a flashover at the inverter cannot be prevented… That is why it is always safer to choose a PV box equipped with Type 1 SPD, so that your installation is protected even against direct lightning strikes. If your PV plant is built less than half a meter from the lightning protection system, this is even mandatory.

2. Comply with the standards

By using the right surge arresters, you can comply with various mandatory standards. Just like the AC installation, the DC circuits generated by solar panels must be protected against overvoltages. By providing your installation with a properly installed PV box, you are assured of a safe installation, in accordance with the standard.

3. Lightning current tested

Recently, the interior of our PV boxes (in cooperation with Phoenix Contact) were tested for lightning current loads. Thus, the internals in combination with the wired terminal blocks can be integrated with the label ”approved”. These tests enable us to offer a 100% quality guarantee; no lightning current can beat this!

4. PVbox monitoring for preventive approach

By adding ImpulseCheck to PVbox, you can monitor your solar panel installation in real time. This gives you continuous full insight into the state of the protection function in PVbox. Lightning currents and voltage pulses are detected and communicated on, for example, your smartphone. In this way, solar panel installations can be maintained preventively instead of correctively. This is not only safer, but also saves you maintenance costs.

5. The right PVbox for each project

By using the online PVbox tool, it is easy to select the right PVbox for your project. By answering the questions in the tool, a part number is obtained and you can be sure that this configuration is suitable for your installation. If it has particularities, customization is the solution. Always the right PVbox for your project!


PVbox prevents fire even with direct lightning strikes. Do you have any questions? Contact us!