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Products and overall solutions for the fire safety in solar panel installations. Commercial and residential market.

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The 6 steps to firesafety


1. Architectural aspects

Installing inverters on the roof ensures that dangerous DC voltage is safely outside
held. The maximum permissible roof load must be taken into account.

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2. Cable management

There are regulations for the safe installation of DC infrastructure on the roof.

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3. Earthing and equipotential bonding

When installing the solar panel installation, a distinction must be made between grounding and bonding the installation.

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4. Lightning and Surge Protection

Lightning can have devastating effects on a solar panel installation. This can be prevented…

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5. Fire prevention and materials

Prevention of fire is better than cure. It is therefore very important to inspect for any critical points.

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6. Connection and switching technology

It is manadatory to connect inverter and PVbox securely. According to NEN1010, an isolation switch must be provided on an AC and DC circuit.

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A picture says more than a thousand words. That's why we like to show you projects we are proud of! Of the countless projects for which we have supplied products, you can see our favorites here.

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Project partner Zonnegilde

RoofSupport | Fire Wall Bracket | FireWrap | Aarding

Hundreds of kilometers of cables were safely laid, including over compartment walls, thanks to 3 kilometers of RoofSupport, 8 Fire Wall Brackets and 16 FireWraps.

Project partner Indutecc

RoofSupport | RoofSupport Step-Over

Safe and easy bridging over the cable management system (also over our widest wire tray variant).

Project partner Devcon

SolarCable | RoofSupport

Our partner Devcon Ecosystems realized last year the largest solar panel installation within the ring of Amsterdam, generating about 2,315,000 kWh per year!

Project partner Ecorus

PVshelter Platform

PVshelter montage frame op maat gemaakt ten behoeve van maximale daklast

Project partner Solarpoint


This project of Solarpoint, in collaboration with Van Dalen Installatietechniek B.V. consists of 264 solar panels and here PVshelter was used to place the inverter on the roof and thus keep dangerous DC voltage outside.